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DevRel & Community

Covering the strategies and tactics for building and nurturing a community of mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and developers of a product.

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Navigating the DevRel Job Market

Developer Relations aka DevRel is an ever-changing landscape as the industry becomes more widely known and evolves. The tech industry, in general, is seeing a shift in hiring prioritization and an increasing number of layoffs most recently. I’ve watched many of my DevRel peers find themselves laid off looking

My DevRel Strategy Breakdown

I've found that most Developer Relations professionals struggle with defining strategy & measuring success. I myself have been through many strategy format revisions before landing on the best for my teams. We don't have a magic user manual for DevRel or even all that many industry

Community Response Guidelines

One important tactic of managing community is to engage and respond to your community members in a valuable manner. When replying to community posts in communities I manage, I leverage the following guidelines: * Respond within 24 hours * Be kind * Put yourself in their shoes * Add some type of value, especially