About Tessa

Tessa is a DevRel leader and advisor to many early-stage startups. Tessa has many years of experience as a self-taught, open-source web developer before shifting to DevRel.

The last conference in 2020 before Covid19 struck. Photo credit: Mark Maunder, WordFence

Tessa Kriesel is an experienced developer and community leader. With over 14 years of experience, she is a self-taught developer who has focused on open-source development, DevOps, and community growth. She is passionate about engaging developer audiences and drives her efforts from a data-driven campaign perspective.

Tessa takes pride in engaging with her community as a contributor and mentor and has done this for several companies, ranging from startups to tech giants. As a technologist, her goal is to elevate developers' voices and knowledge in the community. In addition to her work as Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap, she advises early-stage startups and mentors underrepresented groups. Prior to her current role, Tessa was the Director of Advocacy & Community at Lacework, Developer Community at Twitter, and Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon—to name a few.


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