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Title & Affiliation

Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snapchat

Short Bio

Tessa is a DevRel leader and advisor to many early-stage startups. Tessa has many years of experience as a self-taught, open-source web developer previous to shifting into DevRel over 6 years ago.

Long Bio

Tessa Kriesel is a self-taught developer with over 14 years of experience in open-source development, DevOps, AR/VR, gaming, and community growth. She is currently the Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap, where she designs programs and strategies to scalably drive growth of Snap’s developer ecosystem and improve the developer experience. She inspires developers around the unique capabilities of Snap’s developer products by producing compelling educational content, leading captivating presentations, and engaging with developers both virtually and in person.

In addition to her work at Snap, Tessa is a sought-after DevRel coach and consultant, advising early-stage startups and mentoring underrepresented groups. She takes pride in engaging with her community as a contributor and leader and has done this for several companies and clients, ranging from startups to tech giants. As a technologist, her goal is to elevate developers' voices and knowledge in the community. She is passionate about engaging developer audiences and drives her efforts from a data-driven campaign perspective.

Request to Speak

If you're interested in having me speak at your meetup, conference, virtual event, next podcast recording, or another awesome thing you're creating, please complete the form below. If we're friends and chatted elsewhere, I appreciate you coming here and completing this form, it keeps my organization and automation running smoothly. 😉

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Tessa Kriesel (@tessak22) on Speaker Deck

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