My experience with natural healing
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My experience with natural healing

aka Morphogenic Field Technique This is going to be a strange post, at least strange compared to what I normally post. I made an appointment with a local chiropractor hoping to find a doctor similar to the one I saw in northern Minnesota. He had these crazy ways of knowing

aka Morphogenic Field Technique

This is going to be a strange post, at least strange compared to what I normally post.

I made an appointment with a local chiropractor hoping to find a doctor similar to the one I saw in northern Minnesota. He had these crazy ways of knowing what my body needed and what I didn’t need (like corn syrup). It was unbelievable. We called him the voodoo doctor.

After arriving and talking to my new doctor I realized that I had indeed found another “voodoo” doctor! I was looking forward to some headache resolution. He started off by evaluating my energy field and finding areas of my body that were struggling. He did this by the strength of my arm during each evaluation – if my arm was weak, it was a problem. I would agree that this seems strange, but when my arm was weak or strong, beyond my knowledgeable control, I was mystified.

My Many Issues

He ran through and found so many issues; my thyroid was barely functioning, my adrenal glands were overworked, I had internal and external scarring (I’ll explain this later), leaky gut, bacteria & mercury contamination, need for gall bladder support (I do not have a gall bladder anymore) as well as spleen and colon support and I was lacking essential fatty acids. We had so many little viles of issues in my basket.

I should explain the basket. So each problem area had an associated vile filled with fluid and when my arm was weak during the evaluation, he knew that it was a problem. I started off by holding these viles in my hand, but I began to have way too many so he handed me a basket and placed them all in the basket. So long as the basket was in my energy field, it would work.

What does my body need?

After finding all of my issues, he started working through solutions. He started with one problem area at a time and if something helped me, it would make my arm stronger, then he would remove the problem vile and replace it with the resolution in my basket. Some things resolved multiple issues, some things didn’t. One resolution completely blew my mind, a laser pointer. Yep, a LASER POINTER. He said that I have internal and external scarring from surgeries and procedures I have had (gall bladder removal, epidurals, stitches, etc.). Internal scarring was resolved with a supplement but the external scarring was resolved with a laser pointer, more officially called a Cold Laser. So two times per day, I have to take a laser pointer and shine it on my external scars for 30 seconds each. Apparently this laser pointer has the same frequency as the energy in our body and it helps with the enzymes that heal this area and ensure things are “flowing” correctly. I still laugh each time I do this laser pointer method!

Emotional Baggage

After walking through all the physical issues my body was dealing with, he tested emotions. And oh man, I thought this one would shoot through the roof with issues. I had one main issue that relates to my pancreas & spleen (if I recall correctly) that was categorized as low self esteem. Anyone that knows me knows that I really don’t have any major issues with this. Would I love to be skinner? Sure, but I’m too lazy to do anything about it. So I asked what causes this and how does this work because it seems like an unlikely contender and he said that it is not an active emotion but something that has emotionally scarred me in the past. He went through different age ranges and my body physically answered his verbal questions. He got to 21 years old and my body reacted. I made some extremely negative choices in my early twenties and I was blown away by the fact that he was able to pin-point the lowest point in my life. He received another reading for around age 25-26 which coincidently played into a time when my husband and I weren’t doing exceptionally well. He said that your body will show a timeline of when you finally reached a point where you could no longer handle the stress and just basically lose control at that point. MIND BLOWN. It's one thing to figure these things out but to be able to tell me when they happened is just CRAZY. I asked him how we get rid of it and he did this thing on my back, I don’t even know what he did but it felt like a back massager and he tested the strength of my arm and leg before and after and wouldn’t you know it, I was stronger after.

An Adjustment

He then actually adjusted me chiropractor-style, but he tested which areas needed the adjustment and only adjusted the problem areas. He did this with me standing up and using a cushion on the wall.

What brought me the most hope was that I asked him about my stomach. My upper stomach, below my chest and above where most people would “look fat”, my stomach sticks out, like a lot. I don’t even want to admit this, but I get the “when are you due” comments more than I would like to admit. I asked what causes that, besides being overweight, and he said that my leaky gut and bloating from candida is causing it and it should subside when we resolve those issues. Best news I heard all week. It’s a major personal issue for me, no matter what I wear, I feel so self-conscience about my stomach sticking out in a weird place. Sure, I need to lose some weight and I know that but hearing that this particular issue isn’t just because I am “fat” was quite refreshing.

Moving Forward

So onto my healing process, I have a mile long regimen of supplements that are suppose to fix my issues. Here is where it gets weird again. He was able to verbally ask my body how often and how much I needed. So I need b6 for my adrenal glands – he went through and asked my body how many and said 1… 2… 3… and as soon as my body got weak, that was the correct amount and same with the dosage. What in the world. How can my body physically react to a verbal question like that?! After going through all of them, they provided a list of supplements and their appropriate dosage and frequencies. They keep all supplements in-house so I grabbed what I needed and I was on my way.

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