Navigating the DevRel Job Market

Developer Relations aka DevRel is an ever-changing landscape as the industry becomes more widely known and evolves. The tech industry, in general, is seeing a shift in hiring prioritization and an increasing number of layoffs most recently. I’ve watched many of my DevRel peers find themselves laid off looking

My DevRel Strategy Breakdown

I've found that most Developer Relations professionals struggle with defining strategy & measuring success. I myself have been through many strategy format revisions before landing on the best for my teams. We don't have a magic user manual for DevRel or even all that many industry

Community Ambassadors: What They Do & Why You Need Them

Access the Recording []> Webinar with @hivebrite [] at 10am CT today 🎉 How can you capitalize on the enthusiasm, activity, and knowledge of your #community [] members

8 Bits Podcast with Tessa Kriesel

Thank you PJ [] & Brandon [] for having me on your podcast. We had a great discussion about my journey in tech and how I got started. We also discussed Guitar Hero, building community, the fall of Fast, leadership woes, exciting developer platforms