Developer Relations Coach, Consultant, & CEO at Devocate Working with companies of all sizes to strategize, build, & scale their developer relations (DevRel) team functions. Coaching founders & companies targeting developers how to attract, engage & grow their audiences. Developer community & feedback program building. Developer audience strategy, insights &

Developer Relations Coach, Consultant, & CEO at Devocate

Working with companies of all sizes to strategize, build, & scale their developer relations (DevRel) team functions. Coaching founders & companies targeting developers how to attract, engage & grow their audiences. Developer community & feedback program building. Developer audience strategy, insights & tracking. Automation & tracking expert. Mentoring developers in all things developer advocacy and community building.

Director of Advocacy & Community (DevRel) at Lacework

Director of Advocacy and Community at Lacework should build great developer experiences for our builder's community. Reporting to the VP of Developer Experience and Customer Education, leading developer advocates who will represent Lacework's platform externally while also being the voice of our developer ecosystem to internal product teams across the company.

Build key relationships with the Field CTO team, engineering, product, and marketing leaders across Lacework to provide feedback that will help shape our developer experience and product. The voice of our builders needs to be embedded in Lacework's product decisions and you will be instrumental in achieving this.

Gain deep context on the Lacework builder community and work closely with our senior product and engineering leadership. In order to gain the context you need to build this role, your first six months might look something like this:

- Defining the discipline of Developer and Customer Advocacy and growing the team
- Leveraging time with leadership to understand why this is important to the entire company
- Work with the team to be the voice of the builder community, advocating for their needs to internal product teams
- Analyze and review product changes, and their impact on the ecosystem
- Create and foster relationships with builders, gaining a deep understanding of their product usage and needs
- Attend and host round tables with builders getting to know the ecosystem and who the builders are
- Speak at global and local conferences, and developer events
- Work closely with the product line to decide where developer experience is headed and what features in Lacework are most needed by builders
- Identify the knowledge gap in the market around security and Lacework, work closely with education and developer marketing team to close gap with content
- Define, monitor, and analyze metrics that inform the success of our product offerings, and opportunities for improvement

Sr. Manager, Developer Relations at Fast

No job description provided

Developer Community (DevRel) at Twitter (API)

Responsible for growing the developer community programs related to the Twitter developer platform and Twitter APIs. Develop, implement, and execute programs to engage with developers using our platform at scale. Work cross-functionally with many teams within Twitter, including product management, marketing, and engineering.

Develop and grow developer communities by identifying and executing strategies for scaled outreach. Solve problems strategically by implementing programs and systems, while also being ready to jump in and drive program execution and engage with developers directly.

Design and implement strategies that grow and leverage the Twitter developer community to accomplish Twitter’s objectives at scale, in collaboration with other DES teams.
Launch initiatives to grow awareness of and interest in the Twitter developer platform by highlighting and rewarding external developers using the APIs
Identify and deliver strategies and programs for scaled outreach in key local markets.
Utilize and recruit community leaders, and enable them to succeed, to extend our team’s reach in a scalable way.
Create incentive programs to encourage external developers to actively engage in Twitter community forums and 3rd-party platforms (e.g. stack overflow) to answer other developers’ technical and product questions.
Develop and maintain strategic developer relationships to surface and communicate feedback related to Twitter products, ideas, and strategies.
Build a measurement framework, including compiling and delivering reporting, analysis, and recommendations, to build and foster the community and developer relationships.

Developer Outreach Manager (DevRel) at Pantheon

Responsible for enabling external voices to advocate for and evangelize Pantheon - the outreach lead of Developer Relations.

Primary responsibility is to build, grow and measure the success of Pantheon’s external outreach program.

Produce material that attract, educate, and inspire developers by advocating for better development practices with Pantheon. That work may include blog posts, sample code, videos, webinars, conference presentations, documentation, real-time trainings, and more.

- Curate relationships with current and upcoming influencers on strategic topics. Assist them with understanding and then developing content that highlights Pantheon’s strengths.

- Grow Pantheon’s outreach at events by assisting with speakers, venue accommodations & curating topics around Pantheon.

- Measure and report on Developer Relations team impact. Create regular reporting processes to be shared with all Pantheors and Executive leadership. Celebrate our wins and suggest improvements as applicable.

- Promote, support & monitor social media channels for external advocates sharing resources and posts that reference Pantheon.

- Monitor online communities, groups and forums for users mentioning Pantheon and respond by answering questions or showing appreciation for their support of Pantheon.

- Promote & support community voices, initiatives and workshops both in-person and online that are or could be using Pantheon.

- Promote and support diversity & inclusion initiatives within the community through support, promotion and helping build connections.

Developer Advocate at Pantheon

Produce material/lead efforts that will attract, educate, and inspire developers by advocating for better development practices with Pantheon. That work includes blog posts, sample code, videos, webinars, conference presentations, documentation, real-time trainings, and more.

Engage the open source web development community online and in-person.
Demonstrate cutting-edge development techniques.
Tell stories that inspire development teams to reach beyond what they thought possible.
Pave the path for new developers to use professional practices such as version control.
Train teams to use Pantheon's tools.
Document the practices and techniques that large website projects need in order to be successful with Pantheon.
Cultivate enthusiasm for Pantheon and the ecosystems in which it operates.
Represent the voice of customers to Pantheon's product team.

Instructor & Chapter Leader at Girl Develop It (Part-time)

Taught over 300 women to code! 🔥🙌

Teach and construct class curriculum's with Front End Development classes
Create and maintain organization website
Establish and maintain email marketing list & newsletters
Plan and attend social events
Networking with members, students and sponsor

Senior Application Developer at General Mills

Senior Web Developer at Windmill Design

Create clean, accessible, pixel-perfect HTML and CSS from design files (PSDs) provided by the in-house design team
Code and test responsive, highly customized Open Source CMS-driven websites (primarily on the WordPress platform) independently, or as a team with a back-end developer, as the project requirements dictate
Work from and contribute to flexible boilerplate themes
Modify and edit existing plugins/modules to customize display and functionality
Test websites for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
Work in a Mac environment using sublime text with Git, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive (Docs), Open Office, and Microsoft Office
Other related responsibilities as needed to help the company operate efficiently

Head of Web Operations at Spectrum Marketing

Manage Web Services Department as a whole. Manage website projects using Basecamp and internal tools by setting budgets, proposals and assigning project timelines and tasks. Completing web development in HTML, CSS, PHP using Joomla, WordPress, InkSoft, Pressero, and other CMS's. Work with the design team to create a website design concept that meets the customer's needs. Manage web services employees and interns.

Software Engineer at GrowthZone

Setup new websites and aid in ChamberMaster integration, provide technical assistance to chamber members seeking help with website integration, website design & development, complete hosting setup, and transfers.

Pre-Tech Career

Operations Manager at Bear Pause Theater

Office Manager at PL Animal Hospital

Marketing Director & X-Ray Operator at Healthfirst Chiropractic

Restaurant Manager at Rose Creek

Many fabulous high-end Server & Bartending roles throughout college & high school

Words of Praise

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I'm proud to work directly with Tessa since she joined the team in 2017. She's skilled at explaining complex issues simply and in a way helps people relate to her. I've also worked with her directly on client work and I can attest to her mad technical skills with WordPress development and theming.

Tessa loves our customers and the Drupal+WordPress communities. She's leading a crucial project to bring those loves together through building an external advocacy program, and she's absolutely knocking it out of the park!

Tessa is such a great person to work with and I'm thankful for all of the conferences we've attended, booths we've worked, sessions we've given, and training workshops we've led together. Here's hoping for many more years!

- David Needham
I worked with Tessa on the leadership team for Girl Develop It Minneapolis. Tessa's work with GDI is amazing. She is a popular and effective teacher, as measured by the evaluations for her classes. In addition to teaching, Tessa finds many opportunities to lead the organization. She built a beautiful website at which demonstrates her ability not only to create a beautiful website but also a highly interactive one. Tessa is a self-starter; when she sees a need she uses her talents to meet the need. For example, when we needed an application process for the Front-End Developer Series, Tessa created a webform with a database for collecting and tracking student applications. She is a natural leader and has been instrumental to the success of Girl Develop It.

- Susan Metoxen
The thing I liked most about working with Tessa was that she got her job done and she got it done efficiently and very well. I would love the opportunity to work with Tessa again she was very fun and energetic. She was always knowledgeable about her job duties and she rarely passed up a challenging opportunity.

- Trina Raymond
Tessa is an extremely detail-oriented, organized individual who isn't afraid to lead a project to success. She is one of the most talented web-development engineers I've had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she know everything about the web, but she knows customer service and how to uphold professionalism in the workplace. A fantastic problem solver, amazing project manager, savvy web girl and a bright personality to boot!

- Christy Rambler
I would recommend Tessa for her speed and quality work. She tackles any project with a 'can-do' attitude. Tessa has a high energy level to get the job done. When creative feedback is needed, she is straightforward with her perspective and ideas. Tessa is a great part of a team environment and a pleasure to work with!

- Carol Galstad
Tessa is an asset to both her team and the company she works for. She's constantly thinking outside-the-box and bringing innovation and additional value to the company. Her unique approach, great personality and ability to collaborate successfully with others are some of the many great traits that Tessa carries with her. I recommend Tessa to any company looking to for their next key-player!

- Amber Kramer