Why You Should Mentor Junior Developers

Why You Should Mentor Junior Developers

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel

There are so many industries that require mentorship or on-the-job training in order to work independently, like doctors, police officers, chefs & real estate agents. Could you imagine a world where doctors graduate and get to practice medicine, independently from the start? Yep, I feel the same way. Why should developers do the same thing?

I started mentoring developers a few years ago and I can't begin to express how rewarding it has been. Besides the fact that it's rewarding, there is a few other reasons why I keep doing it and why you should too.

Grow Your Network

You will meet a variety of other developers and companies as you start to search for new developers to mentor. I have expanded my network by at least 10-20 times since starting to mentor.

It Feels Good

I call this “Selfish Acts of Selflessness.” Doing good things makes you feel good.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

And enjoy it. You will likely begin to attend more local tech events and meet some great people. There might even be beer.

Master Your Own Skills

Teaching means you need to know your stuff. Mentoring will help you dig into things you may already know a little deeper.

Their Successes Feel Like Your Successes

When your mentee meets their goals or lands their first job, their success will feel like your own, and it feels good.

New Lifelong Friendship

Your mentee will always appreciate everything you have done for them. You just made yourself a new friend, forever.