Why You Should Hire Junior Web Developers

Why You Should Hire Junior Web Developers

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel

Not enough companies are willing to invest the time and effort it takes to mentor a junior web developer. Maybe they think they are too busy or that they do not have the experienced developers willing to mentor. No matter what the reason may be, there are many benefits to bringing new developers onto your team.

Team Morale

Mentoring is very rewarding. When you involve an entire team, it’s a feeling that everyone can feel & enjoy and begin to spread and grow. When someone on your team is in a really good mood, their good vibes can rub off on everyone else – even those that are not participating in any mentorship activities.

Finding Good People is Hard

Finding good people with the skills that you want is even harder. Instead of having to find this perfect combination of both things, find the right person and teach them the skills that they need instead.

Excitement is Contagious

Junior developers are full of excitement and drive to succeed. This excitement will naturally rub off on your team. Have you ever spent time with an optimistic person? After so long, you begin to feel more optimistic yourself. Our brains enjoy being happy and it doesn't take much to convince them to do so.

New Ideas & Thinking

Diverse teams are the most successful teams. New developers will bring new ideas and thought processes that your current team members may not think of. Your current team is likely become accustomed to certain ways of doing things, spice that up with some new talent.

Someone Needs To Give Them a Chance

This one is a dead giveaway, but yet if it's so obvious why do so many junior developer struggle to find jobs when the work is clearly out there?

They Don't Mind Tedious Work

The work that your experienced developers find daunting can be exciting to a new developer. They are just happy to be there and have the opportunity. Don't take advantage of them, but use their excitement for development to get through tough tasks and projects.