Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 8

Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 8
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Between my two trips home to Minnesota over these last few weeks, life has been chaotic and off-track. With that being said, I'm excited to spend time with my Contributor to Manager DevRel Mastermind group this week as we finish out our cohort. It's been really fun getting to know this group of awesome individuals and I can't wait to see the amazing DevRel programs they build as they move into leadership roles.

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Available DevRel Mastermind Groups

DevRel Fundamentals
Mid-August 2022
Join a 4-week DevRel Mastermind covering the fundamentals of Developer Relations, developers as a target market, and how DevRel drives impact.
Finding DevRel Career Success
September 2022
Join a 4-week DevRel Mastermind intended to help DevRel practitioners build their brand, land their dream job, & find career success.

🗣 Speaking

Watch for podcast episodes to drop with the Community Led Growth Show & DevX5.

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👧 Being a Wife & Mom

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🏕 Adventures

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Tessa Kriesel
Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap, startup advisor, & a diversity in tech advocate. Wife & mom, motorcyclist, archer, disciple, & dog lover.

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