Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 7

Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 7
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Wow, what a last couple weeks it's been. I flew home to Minnesota to say goodbye to my grandpa and am headed back there later this week to help with funeral arrangements. Upside? We get to see a lot of family and friends in Minnesota over the next couple weeks.

In less somber news, the DevRel mastermind groups are going really well. So well that I had to open registration for future groups because Drafting DevRel Strategy sold out, so there's another group starting October 1. Folks from two different mastermind groups decided to meet and review DevRel strategy together. That's why community rocks. 💜

DevRel Fundamentals starts mid-August. I'm excited for this group because there is a handful of folks all from the same company. I think it's awesome the company is investing in understanding DevRel.

Everything feels so busy. It's interesting how "busy" we begin to feel from just a few days away from normal work life.

Did anyone check out the Airtable base I shared in the last newsletter? If so, tell me what you think in the comments.

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Tessa Kriesel
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