Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 6

Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 6
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The first DevRel Mastermind group kicked off yesterday. There are 9 folks in this group and we're discussing moving from being a Contributor to a Manager. Drafting DevRel Strategy starts August 1st and there's 4 spots left.

I'm also presenting my strategy & OKRs at work this week with executives. I tend to get a little anxious about presenting to executives, but I find preparation helps me calm down.

And last, but not least, I updated my DevRel Program Airtable Base. I'm continuing to improve upon it (as I leverage it at work) and will keep adding more improvements, and eventually automation with various reporting platforms. Want a sneak peak?

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Tessa Kriesel
Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap, startup advisor, & a diversity in tech advocate. Wife & mom, motorcyclist, archer, disciple, & dog lover.

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