Tessa's Thoughts — Issue 5


I'm pretty excited to share with this group a lot of exciting changes in my world.

  1. I launched DevRel Mastermind groups this week! Learn more over here.
  2. Devocate has a new home! I'm excited to share the upcoming changes for Devocate—watch for more details in a follow-up post in the coming weeks.
  3. If you're receiving this email, but no longer interested in hearing from me, be sure to click the unsubscribe link in the footer. I've migrated folks over whom I feel would like to continue to receive updates on the DevRel goodness I share.

Enjoy this weeks thoughts!

✍️ Recent Content

Launching Developer Relations Mastermind Groups
Join a 4 week DevRel Mastermind to expand your skills & knowledge in the Developer Relations field.
Drafting Community Strategy
To kick this off, start with this blog post, https://www.devocate.com/your-first-30-days-in-a-new-devrel-role/. What products does your company offer to developers? Is your company developer-first or developer-plus? What is the monetization strategy for developer products? What roles do develop...

🗣 Speaking

💼 Working in Tech

🥑 DevRel

TODAY at 11am CT / 9am PT

👧 Being a Wife & Mom

Tessa Kriesel

Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap, startup advisor, & a diversity in tech advocate. Wife & mom, motorcyclist, archer, disciple, & dog lover.


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