DevRel Mastermind

Contributor to Manager

Join a 4-week DevRel Mastermind focused on moving from being a contributor to a manager in the developer relations industry.
Contributor to Manager
In: DevRel Mastermind

This mastermind series includes the following resources & benefits:

  • Weekly guided 60 minute video sessions with your peers
  • Async AMA with Tessa (Host) & your peers
  • Access to premium content & templates for effective management
  • Invite-only access to the mastermind resource library
  • Curated subgroups to dive deeper with 2-3 of your peers
  • Access to mastermind resources and recordings for 1 year
  • Network connections as opportunities & needs arise

Who can benefit from this mastermind group:

  • Experienced DevRel practitioners looking to move into management
  • DevRel teams of one looking to structure the chaos & prioritize appropriately
  • DevRel managers looking to drive impact, measure success, & report impact to leadership
  • First-time managers looking to improve their managements processes and drive greater impact

We'll be covering the following topics:

  • Week 1: Business Objectives & Goal Setting
  • Week 2: Measuring Success the Right Way
  • Week 3: Prioritizing Game-Changing Opportunities
  • Week 4: Being a Great DevRel Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the dates & times don't work for me?

All video sessions are recorded and you can submit questions or discussion points ahead of time. If you're not able to attend all the dates, you'll be able to easily catch up through the recording, resource library, and async AMA.

What can I expect to gain from these groups?

Each group has a different focus topic. Each week I will cover high-level insights around a specific area of focus within the topic. We will then move into a discussion as a group. You will be able to download resources & templates from the community, as well as leverage the async AMA during the group to continue the conversation and learning outside of the weekly sessions.

Do you provide certificates or recommendations?

I am happy to provide certificates of completion as well as recommendations for roles you're looking to move into or apply for once the group is completed.

Join an Upcoming Session

This group will not be offered again until 2023.

Contributor to Manager
July 2022 — Sold Out
Join a 4-week DevRel mastermind focused on moving from being a contributor to a manager in the developer relations industry.
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