Annoyingly Happy
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Annoyingly Happy

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel

After dropping my spouse off for an eye check-up, my daughter and I walked down the Union Station in downtown Denver to waste a bit of time and look around. We ended up at Tattered Covered Book Store. A must see for anyone visiting Union Station—the manager is incredibly pleasant and very knowledgeable.

30 Days to Happiness — Gotta be a Gimmick

I'm such a sucker for physical books. I want everything in my life to be digital, except for my books and notes. I wandered over to the self-help section, a common location for me. Being an ENTJ-A means that I am constantly trying to better myself. I noticed a bright yellow book titled "30 Days to Happiness." I chuckled a little to myself—how could a book really teach me to be happy, in 30 days none-the-less?

Challenge accepted. Let's figure out how to be happy in 30 days. My daughter picked out a Shimmer & Shine mini book set, so we purchased our books and went to sit at one of the socially-distanced patio tables outside. We were able to get a few minutes of reading in before my husband returned and we walked to find somewhere to eat.

The entire walk I was thinking about this book. I desperately wanted to start reading it—I want to know the keys to happiness! 😁

Set the Mood

I've been incredibly happy since September 30th. Pretty weird I know the exact date, huh? I agree. If you're a subscriber to my blog, you've likely read some of the emotional drama I have been a part of the last month. Not to dive too deep into that, but I held in a lot of emotions and told myself that I was fine, when I wasn't. Letting out all of those emotions seemed to really allow me to move on, because a few days after working through it, I was annoyingly happy.

Have you ever spent time with someone who is annoyingly happy? 🤣  I'm a very positive person, but even I can only take so much positivity. I was and still am annoyingly happy.

Fear Sets In

You might be thinking, if I am already annoyingly happy, why did I buy a book titled "30 Days to Happiness?" Because I am severely afraid of this happiness ending.

I had been depressed since approximately February 2019. And I had no fricken clue. I was short with people, I was wildly opinionated and only my opinions mattered, I was angry, OMG was I angry. I stopped spending time with my kids, I stopped doing the things I loved. I would have a good day here or there where I would shoot my bow or go rollerblading but the happiness was situational and ended quickly.

The only thing I was good at it was losing weight, because most days I ate just enough to feed a 2 year old toddler.

New City, New Tessa

Unintentionally, it seems as though Colorado has been a "clean slate" for me and my family. The drama with my previous employer came up just a month into living here and I now feel at peace with my previously held in emotions. Am I still mad as heck that this happened? Oh absolutely, but I am refusing to let it consume anymore of my life, negatively.

Follow Along the Next 30 Days

I am planning to read this book over the next 30 days and share my opinions, feedback and results. If you want to follow along, you can subscribe to this blog for free and receive my updates straight to your inbox. Just complete the form below. ⤵️