A perfect ending with Pantheon
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A perfect ending with Pantheon

Tessa Kriesel
Tessa Kriesel

If you’ve been following my blog and Twitter lately you’ve likely noticed that I had an unfortunate negative experience at a previous company I worked at called Pantheon. And today, I want to share some amazing news with you.

The reason I even felt the need to share my story wasn’t really about me. Sure, I had a lot of emotions and things I worked through while doing so, and wow did those need to come out. I told my story because it was hard to tell. I’m a sassy, determined, outspoken woman and if it was hard for me to tell my story, I can only imagine how other women, who are less vocal than I, feel when they think about telling their story.

Because the thing is, what happened to me, happens to a lot of women. Unfortunately, this world is full of bad characters & bad situations and if we do not have the strength and courage to “fight” these situations, then how will we ever make a difference?

I told my story so I could share this very blog post with women everywhere afterwards.

I reached out to Pantheon and voiced my concerns directly with their team. They listened intently and agreed to make additional investments they feel are necessary in our tech community. In this process, I also learned a bit about the initiatives they have in motion that I am SO proud to share with all of you. An employee of Pantheon today will experience each of the following:

  • Bi-weekly fireside chats to align on key company initiatives and host an “Ask Me Anything” AMA with the entire exec team
  • This month’s diversity and inclusion training: dismantling microaggressions
  • More here updated regularly: [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Pantheon]

And beyond all of these amazing culture initiatives, they are funding $25,000 to a mission-based non-profit that focuses on women in tech with both employee and community participation.

Pantheon was one of my favorite places to work, even with a toxic coworker. I can’t imagine how amazing it would be if I was on the team today. Pantheon has made it very clear to me that they truly value women in tech, making hard changes for a better internal culture and me.

If you’ve been through something similar or just need to get your story out without being public, my “door” is always open to you—together, we can change the world.